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Wrona Law Firm is the largest law firm headquartered in Park City, Utah, and serves the greater Salt Lake Area. Our lawyers represent large corporations, small businesses, and individuals. They have decades of diverse experience which allows them to address the specific needs of each client.

Many of our lawyers are trial and appellate litigation veterans. They have participated in more than 250 trials in state and federal courts and have completed dozens of appeals before the Utah Supreme Court, the Utah Court of Appeals, and various federal appellate courts, including the United States Supreme Court. Additionally, many of our attorneys have extensive experience in real estate, land development, construction, homeowners associations, tax, employment law, family law, dispute resolution, personal injury and criminal law.

Wrona Law Firm is a full-service team that provides effective, timely and efficient high-quality legal services. We are experienced, accessible, responsive, and focused on our clients’ success.

Great law firm to work with!

– TR

Joe has excellent insight. Highly recommend.

– SH

If I could hire any attorney for anything – it would be Joe Wrona.

I watched him as a prosecutor and he put away the baddest of all people with PASSION. Questions, call me, Mr. Wrona is one of the finest attorneys that ever hit Alaska. I’m sure his practice in Utah is outstanding — and if you ever have an issue with him or his staff, the best thing to do is tell him and not post it here… many successful people like him are way to busy to know what’s on your mind.

– SH

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